Shriram OneCity

24. Ariel View of Shriram Properties OneCity Valarpuram Chennai Shriram OneCity

Ariel View of Shriram Properties OneCity Valarpuram Chennai


The Power of One

Modern urban living has led to the disintegration of a sense of community. A lack of time and space to interact as a community has made our neighbours become unfamiliar faces, with no room for personal interaction. Shriram OneCity aims to bring back the priceless feeling of community living. We have built our villas without compound walls to facilitate this sense of community in a neighbourhood that spans across 68 acres. With villas for every pocket our Grand, Regent, and Regal villas have been designed to give our residents the privacy of their own homes with the benefit of community living. We offer an exceptional range of amenities including a swimming pool, jogging track, landscape garden, amphitheatre and clubhouse. Our vaastu-compliant property ensures that the elderly have more to do than just watch TV, children have a safe and secure environment to have fun and play outdoors, and you have all the time in the world to rediscover the joys of sharing your life with those around you. A strong sense of community builds a stronger society. Rediscover the power of being one.